Here at Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta, we understand the stress that can accompany choosing the perfect floor for your Johns Creek home. We also take great pride in relieving some of that stress by helping you make informed decisions about what is available. Here is a handy guide to some of the most popular hardwood floors:


Maple’s strongest attribute might be its versatility. Depending on its age, the area it grew, and the stain or finish applied, maple can vary greatly in appearance. That is tremendously useful when trying to make sure your floors will fit in with the aesthetic of a room. johns creek hardwood


Of course, an important aspect to consider when purchasing a hardwood floor is its durability. Luckily, the Janka Hardness Scale grades every hardwood with a numerical rating so it is east to find out just how strong a certain floor is. Hickory’s rating of 1820 makes it the strongest hardwood naturally found in the United States, so if you have an active household with kids or pets, hickory could quickly become your best friend. Visually, hickory’s most recognizable attribute is its dramatic dark grain structure, which can create eye-popping contrast against the relatively light natural wood.

johns creek hickory hardwood


Oak floors are another tremendously popular choice for floors in the Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners, Jasper area. Homeowners have the choice between red oak and white oak. 

Red Oak

As is made perfectly clear by its name, red oak boasts red and pinkish hues. Like hickory, red oak has a less uniform look in its grain pattern, which can present a unique feel to the floor.

johns creek red oak hardwood

White Oak

White oak tends to be slightly harder than its red counterpart, scoring 100 points better on the Janka Hardness Scale. It also offers a more contemporary feel with light golden tones. Compared to red oak, white oak has a much more uniform look throughout and therefore may lead to more even stains.

johns creek white oak hardwood


Most of the above hardwoods are lighter in their natural state, but what if you are looking for a darker hardwood to tie a room together? Walnut is a chocolate brown wood that can instantly add a sense of luxury and warmth to your Johns Creek home.

johns creek walnut hardwood

Bonus: Bamboo

Bamboo isn’t technically a hardwood – it’s actually a grass – but we are including it on the list because of all the similarities it shares with ‘real’ woods. If eco-friendliness is a primary factor for you, bamboo is likely the perfect fit. Because it is a grass, bamboo fully matures in 3 to 5 years instead of the 40 to 50 that it takes some trees, making it the fastest growing plant known on earth. Also, harvesting bamboo for floors does not require cutting the plant at its roots, so it can grow back even faster. 

johns creek bamboo hardwood

Take The Next Step

Those are just a sampling of the hardwood options we offer at Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta, and we hope it helped you narrow down just what you are looking for. Whether you are ready to move forward with your flooring project or you are seeking more information, be sure to schedule a free in-home estimate with one of our experts.

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