Children and pets bring so much joy into our homes, but they also can cause scratches, dents, spills, and breaks. But if you want hardwood for your Johns Creek home, there is no reason why kids or pets should stop you. There are, however, certain things to consider before making the upgrade.

family on hardwood in johns creek

Durability Is Key

Any parent knows that spills, drops, and breaks are largely unavoidable. Because of that, it’s important to pick a hardwood floor that can hold up to whatever your kids can throw at it. With that in mind, it’s time to learn about the Janka Hardness Scale. Quite simply, the Janka test answers the question, “how hard is a hardwood?” By measuring how much force it takes for a small metal ball to penetrate halfway into a piece of wood, manufacturers can apply a number rating to every hardwood. The higher the number, the stronger the wood. Popular flooring options fall anywhere between Douglas Fir (660) and Brazilian Walnut (3800) with Hickory (1820) ranking as the strongest wood native to the United States. Before you make any tough decisions, make sure you ask our experts at Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta about the Janka rating and how that relates to real-world living.

Keep It Light In Johns Creek

A common mistake in selecting kid-friendly flooring is to go darker in color when in reality lighter options are often better. Many people incorrectly think that, just like a black sweater is better at hiding a spill than a white one, darker floors are better at concealing imperfections. In reality, the darker woods just provide a backdrop for dirt, dust and scratches to stand out. Another common practice is to avoid floors with a shiny gloss or finish. Maintaining that shine with repetitive spills is an additional chore, and so it makes sense to opt for a wood that is naturally good at hiding imperfections. Hickory, white oak and maple are all great light hardwoods with higher Janka ratings.hardwood in johns creek with pets

Consider Your Options

You may also want to consider hardwood alternatives such as laminate flooring or luxury vinyl planks for your Johns Creek home. Hardwood alternatives had made impressive strides over the last several years from a manufacturing standpoint and they offer many of the benefits of hardwood with a reduced risk of damage from children or pets. Spills are incredibly easy to clean up and these alternatives require no refinishing or resurfacing, which genuine hardwood does after some time. It is important to know that they don’t add as much value to your home as real hardwood, however, so if you are upgrading your floors as an investment, it might not be the best option.

Get Started Today!

The experts at Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta are here to help you. Whether you have already decided on the right genuine hardwood or alternative for your Johns Creek home or you need more help, reach out. Click here to sign up for a free, in-home consultation, and we will bring our mobile showroom to you, getting you one step closer to the home of your dreams!

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