Marble flooring in Johns CreekMarble floors are the epitome of elegance. Vast, glossy stretches of polished stone offer a serene canvas for furniture, rugs and accents. And marble is a natural material that’s quarried and not manufactured, so it’s incredibly tough and long lasting. Having marble tile in your home, however, means a little extra work for most Johns Creek homeowners, as this stone flooring requires a little extra TLC to keep it looking like new. Luckily, our experts from Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta have a few tips to help you take better care of your marble floors!

Don’t Forget the Sealant

As a natural stone, marble is porous and will absorb any moisture that it encounters, including spilled wine, bathtub splashes and wet, muddy boot prints. For this reason, marble must be sealed when it’s installed, and then again every 6-to-12 months afterward, a relatively simple process when left to professionals.

Ditch the White Vinegar Cleaner

If you are fond of distilled white vinegar as a natural cleaning agent, you’ll have to scrap those plans once the marble tile goes down. Vinegar is acidic and will react with marble’s alkali. This chemical reaction can result in stains and discolorations of the marble. Sealing your floors properly helps, but you should never use any acid-based cleaners on marble. Instead, use a cleaner specifically designed for natural stone.

Buy Doormats

Marble is a hard surface, but it can be prone to scratches and scuffs. Make sure to place doormats outside the entrances to your home to help catch pieces of dust, gravel and debris that could damage your shiny new floor. Keep a soft-bristled broom nearby, and sweep the surface often to remove debris before it becomes problematic. It’s also a good idea to place felt pads on furniture legs to help protect your marble floors.

Marble tile is a sound investment that raises your home’s resale value when installed professionally. It’s a sleek, upscale and stunning upgrade that everyone in the family will adore. To learn more about marble flooring or purchase it for your Johns Creek home, call Floor Coverings International Northeast Atlanta today!

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