Flooring Choices to Increase Your Home's Value

There’s no home decorating challenge quite so frustrating as old, worn-out floors. You can paint the walls, add accessories, and even replace furniture on a budget, but replacing an entire floor is a much bigger – and costlier – job. That doesn't mean you have to live with your old carpeting or scuffed-up vinyl or... Read more »

The Best Hardwood Flooring With Children In Mind

Children and pets bring so much joy into our homes, but they also can cause scratches, dents, spills, and breaks. But if you want hardwood for your Johns Creek home, there is no reason why kids or pets should stop you. There are, however, certain things to consider before making the upgrade. Durability Is Key... Read more »

Upgrading Your Floors For The Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, but it’s not too late to upgrade the floors of your Peachtree Corners home. Whether you are hosting friends and family this winter or you are just ready to take the next step toward your dream home, you can rely on our experts at Floor Coverings International® of... Read more »

Your One-Stop Guide To Hardwood Flooring

Here at Floor Coverings International® of Peachtree Corners, we understand the stress that can accompany choosing the perfect floor for your Johns Creek home. We also take great pride in relieving some of that stress by helping you make informed decisions about what is available. Here is a handy guide to some of the most... Read more »

How to Care for Marble Floors

Marble floors are the epitome of elegance. Vast, glossy stretches of polished stone offer a serene canvas for furniture, rugs and accents. And marble is a natural material that's quarried and not manufactured, so it’s incredibly tough and long lasting. Having marble tile in your home, however, means a little extra work for most Johns Creek homeowners, as... Read more »

Laminate vs. Luxury Vinyl: Which is Right for Your Home?

Laminate and luxury vinyl are frequently referenced as budget-friendly alternatives to natural materials like hardwood and stone. You’ve probably heard these terms, but do you really know what they mean? Although both laminate and luxury vinyl have much to offer Peachtree Corners homeowners, they differ in a few important ways. Read on to discover which... Read more »

Restore Your Wood Floor with a Professional Refinishing

Hardwood floors are such a beauty when freshly installed that we at Floor Coverings International® of Peachtree Corners hate to acknowledge the truth -- nothing lasts forever. But before you give up, consider one key option in restoration! We’re talking about refinishing worn hardwood floors. The nature and definition of this process may not always... Read more »

3 Durable Hardwoods for Super Scratch Resistance

Many Peachtree Corners homeowners love hardwood flooring, but worry that it won’t work for their lifestyle. If you have young children or pets, your floors likely see a lot of wear and tear, and that can make it scary to install hardwood floors that are vulnerable to scratches and dents. But it doesn’t have to... Read more »

Infographic: Benefits of Solid Hardwood

It should come as no surprise that hardwood is the most popular material for residential flooring. Beyond the timeless style, hardwood provides many benefits that can last you decades to come. Get to know the qualities that solid hardwood offers you here and schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate from the experts at... Read more »

How to Pick the Right Shower Tile

We here at Floor Coverings International® of Peachtree Corners pride ourselves on being able to help Johns Creek homeowners find the perfect solutions to their home design needs. If you are looking to elevate your bathroom to the next level, shower tiles are a great place to start. With so many different styles and materials... Read more »

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